Monday, April 20, 2009

Hit Me Baby

Britney was in town recently.

I'm not really a fan. Some of her songs are catchy and all, but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Good thing she didn't end up as my sister-in-law.

Seriously, it could have happened. Right after her first album came out my dad was flying {somewhere} and just happened to sit next to her mother. Of course my chatty dad {who had no clue who Britney Spears was} got talking to Lynne and told her all about my brothers. He might have even given her a Book of Mormon. Who knows?! Anyway, she said something like "boy, those are the kind of guys my daughter should be dating" {little did she know how right she would be} and gave my dad her card & phone number. Neither of my brothers seemed interested.

We dodged a bullet on that one!

I'd rather hear this, anyway:

i ♥ travis.


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Olivia said...

So funny! You made me laugh so hard. Although I wish she was your sister-in-law! Think of the stories. You would get to report on the train wreck of her life first hand. (Except that the wreck would include your family.) Hmmmm. I've thought about it. Totally worth it! Great stories.

brooke said...

You seriously think your brothers are better than K-fed?

Vanessa said...

Too funny...she could have been your sister-in-law!!

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